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Upload code source as zip file: I can't figure out how to upload a zip file.

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Upload code source as zip file


Picture of Colin Sandy Pittendrigh by Colin Sandy Pittendrigh - 5 years ago (2018-07-18)

I can't figure out how to upload a zip file.

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I can't figure out how to upload a zip file. Text files with binary data are not permitted.

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  • 1. Picture of Abduliah.ARS by Abduliah.ARS - 5 years ago (2018-10-29) Reply


    Ask clarification

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    PHP Light DbaseToSql: Import Dbase files and generate MySQL dump files

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    Picture of zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se by zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se package author package author Reputation 5840 - 5 years ago (2018-07-22) Comment

    HI I think these features have been disallowed first for security reasons but also to make easier packages validation and nominations.However you can bypass this by converting your binary files into hexadecimal string and save them in plain text format. Then you must create a simple PHP script to do the opposite once the package downloaded

    eg: file_put_contents('hexversion.txt',bin2Hex(file_get_contents('yourbinaryversion.bin')));

    and in your installation script


    you can find this maner to process in the suggested package which use this trick to upload .dbf files.

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