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multiple function script: Create multi Thread function

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multiple function script


Picture of ????Yuoki by ????Yuoki - 4 years ago (2019-08-20)

Create multi Thread function

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I was very pressured to find the right code to display different processes in each line in one php file and run it in the terminal...

example run it in terminal ubuntu :

php runtimer.php

and result is: Line 1 Time Now Tue Agu 20 07:28:52 WIB 2019 // is realtime in seconds, mean the seconds is realy in realtime changed every seconds

Line 2 Timer Running countdown 01:00 // is 1 minutes timer and do something after goes to 0

Line 3 Elapsed Time Running from Tue Agu 20 07:28:52 WIB 201 And it was 1 minutes ago //

i have code for timer and how to join them in one script thanks, my telegram is youkisensei

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